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Broadcast Customer Lounge TV for Dealership Customer Lounge

tv broadcast dealer tv
TV Integrated Digital Sign for Car Dealers TV Integrated Digital Sign for Car Dealers

Broadcast Customer Lounge TV wraps dealer customer lounge signal from standard cable and satellite providers with dealer marketing in the customer lounge. No interruption of the signal means that customers can watch what they normally expect to see in the customer lounge, while seeing dealer specials and services.

Broadcast Customer Lounge TV is simple to configure using standard connections. The system works with any cable or satellite system. Customer Lounge TV marketing is updated through the remote management system allowing dealers to update their own content or use any of the preloaded content.

Broadcast Customer Lounge TV keeps dealer messaging in front of customers without interrupting the standard television signal or broadcasts in the customer lounge.

Broadcast Customer Lounge TV is available in multiple layouts based on the dealership setting and goals in the customer lounge.



Remote Management Software

Update the system from any internet connected computer using intuitive and simple-to-use interface.
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Dealership Specific Profile

Customized layout created for each dealership and each sign creating a unique signage solution.
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Quick-Start Setup

Delivered plug-n-play, preconfigured and preloaded with dealer specific service content.
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dealer broadcast tv

Broadcast TV w/ Marketing

Wrap standard TV signal with dealer marketing, ads and appointment updates. Plug-n-Play setup.
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commercial free tv

Commercial Replacement

Replace competitors commercials with Dealer videos and images in full screen or wrapped in dealer marketing.
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custom dealer tv channel

Create Your Own Dealer TV

Over 3 hours of licensed content that updates daily, added to dealer marketing messages.
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Appointment Board Integration

Add service customer appointment information the the side or ticker to keep customers up to date.
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Car Dealer Content Library

Preloaded Coupons, Videos, and images make creating a custom lounge dealer TV simple.
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Customized News Ticker

Multiple news feeds from preloaded sources or make your own service & sales specials.
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Weather Component

Dynamic, Animated, Zip Code specific weather available to add to any digital sign or service menu.
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Twitter Integration

Tweet to screen or pull twitter content from favorite sources and keep the service menu board dynamic.
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Instagram Integration

Dynamically updated instagram pull from any account creates a dynamic service menu for dealers.
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Custom Scene Builder

Create service content using multiple components with over 300 fonts and 256 colors.
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Youtube Integration

Licensed content from hundreds of sources keeps the service menu board interesting.
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sign support

DDS University Support

Constantly updated video, FAQ and forum support for service menu digital signage for dealers.
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TV Integrated Digital Sign for Car Dealers TV Integrated Digital Sign for Car Dealers
tv alternative for digital signs tv alternative for digital signs
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