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This recorded demonstration shows how the Digital Dealership System utilizes commercial free digital media feeds from over 25 digital media sources to give customers up to date and relevant information, without commercials. No complex DVR's or DVD's updates in the mail - just a simple digital media sign solution. To see a live example, click here.

Sample of Streaming TV Content Offerings
CNN News
CNN ShowBiz
CNN Health
CNN Politics
ABC World News
ABC 20/20
ABC Medical Minute
ABC Buzz
ABC Money Minute
NBC Press
NBC Nightly
NBC Today
NBC Business
Geek Brief
Fox Hollywood
Fox ShowBiz
Fox US News
Fox Latest News
Digg Nation

Each system is customized specifically for the customers need and pre-programmed and pre-loaded with content prior to shipment. This makes the Digital Dealership System easy to integrate into the dealership with simple plug-n-play. From multiple news feeds to colors, branding and weather - each system is as unique as your store.

Digital Signage as unique as your dealership!

*Please note that for the demo, the information has to be downloaded for the first time. In the dealership, this delay will not occur.


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