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Commercial Interruption Customer Lounge TV for Car Dealership Lounges

service menu board Replace Competitors Ads on Broadcast TV
  • Minimized and Mutes Competitors Advertisments
  • Dealer's videos play with full sound during commercials
  • Block most commercials during break
  • Easily update dealer footage and interrupt any channel
  • Full-screen provides maximum impact without customer knowledge
  • Delivered pre-configured with dealer content preloaded
  • Remote management software accessible from any computer
  • Unlimited news feeds including service, sales, and top news
  • Hardware and software supported with lifetime warranty
  • Full service customer support including video tutorials
Do competitive ads on the customer lounge tv send a mixed message?
Would you like to offer your customers regular Broadcast TV Programming with your own commercials?

Customer Lounge TV with Commercial Interrupt Technology allows dealer commercials to play during standard commercial breaks on ANY Broadcast in the customer lounge.

Dealers can add any video marketing to the Customer Lounge TV Commercial Interrupt setting for a seamless full-screen viewing experience for customers. Block any commercials during a commercial break and keep your message in front of customers without interrupting their shows -- including sports.

Setup is simple, putting our exclusive Customer Lounge TV Interrupt media player between the cable or satellite dish and the customer lounge high-definition TV. Our offsite servers handle the data switching and optimization.

Customer Lounge TV Interruption is a great tool to market to customers in the lounge without interrupting the shows they want to watch. Block most of the commercials on every channel -- and take control of your Customer Lounge TV.

No more competitor commercials on your Dealership TV's.
Take control back of your lounge while giving your customers the television shows they know and love.
The best of both worlds.

The system is easy to configure and all commercial content is handled by our team.

It's Simple. It's Digital. It's Commercial Free.

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