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  • customer lounge tv for car dealers
  • customer lounge tv with dms appointments
  • commercial free lounge tv for car dealers
  • ddsTV for car dealer customer lounge systems
  • customer lounge broadcast live tv wide screen wrapped
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Customer Lounge TV increases awareness of dealership brand and informs customer lounge guests of service and sales specials. Customer Lounge TV can increase CSI scores, move customers from service to sales and educate customers on dealership programs, services and events in a non-intrusive atmosphere. Customer Lounge TV options include wrapping Live TV with Dealer Marketing, Creating your own Customer Lounge TV Channel, and Commercial Free options, where Live TV commercials are replaced with dealership videos in the car dealer customer lounge.

digital Service Menu Appointments

Service Menu Appointments

Digital Service Menu

Digital Service Menu

Dare to Compare Service Menu

Dare to Compare Service Menu

BroadcastTV Customer Lounge TV

BroadcastTV Customer Lounge TV

Customer Lounge TV Appointments

Customer Lounge TV w/ Appts

Commercial Free Customer Lounge TV

Commercial Replacement Lounge TV

DealerTV Customer Lounge TV

ddsTV Customer Lounge TV

xtime Service Appointment Menu Board

XTIME Service Appointment Menu

Time Highway Appointment Service Menu

Time Highway Appointment Menu

dare to compare service menu

Dare to Compare Service Menu

Dealer Showroom Digital Sign

Showroom TV

showroom sign for car dealers

Showroom TV Marketing

showroom video wall banner

Showroom Video Wall Banner

showroom video wall

Showroom Video Wall

sales leaderboard for car dealers

Sales Leaderboard Icon Report

sales leaderboard for car dealer

Sales Leaderboard 1-31 Report

sales leaderboards for dealers

Sales Leaderboard Trend Report

Digital Showroom and Video Wall

Disconnected Video Wall

Audi Customer Lounge TV

Customer Lounge TV with Appointments

Commercial Free Customer Lounge TV

Service Advisor Appointment Status

Customer Lounge TV w/ Appointment Status

Showroom Disconnected Video Wall

BMW Showroom TV and Video Wall

customer lounge DealerTV commercial free tv

dds.TV Commercial Free Customer Lounge TV

Hours of hand-curated family friendly content that is updated regularly mixed with dealer OE videos. Dealers can add or remove any video at discretion. dds.TV Commercial Free Customer Lounge TV is available in multiple formats including marketing side bar and DMS integrated appointment status. See More

customer lounge tv with dms appointments

Customer Lounge TV w/ Appointments

Customer Lounge TV with integrated DMS appointment status automtically pulls Service Appointment status from popular DMS / CRM systems. Appointment Status Integration notifies customers when their car is ready. Works with dds.TV or Live TV systems to increase CSI and keep customers' attention on the screen.

customer lounge DealerTV commercial free tv


Commercial Free Customer Lounge TV with the ability to switch to live TV, but keep the marketing and appointment wrap during special events and sports. Easily switch back and forth from the online user interface. See More

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Preloaded Dealer Videos, Video Coupons, Service Coupons, Templates, Tire and
Service Information and More

Customizable Content Example

Customizable Content Example

Customizable Content Example

Customizable Content Example

Customizable Content Example

Customizable Content Example

Customizable Content Example

  • DDS compare logo
  • Multiple Customer Lounge TV options
  • Unlimited Customer Lounge TV Content
  • Online Content Lounge Management
  • Optional Commercial Replacement
  • Dealer Content Takes Priority
  • Customer Lounge TV Dealer Branding
  • Others
  • One-Fits all Philosophy
  • Limited content to re-runs and clips
  • No control of content mix
  • Same programming plays at every store
  • Vendor content takes priority
  • Limited dealer branding options

Customer Lounge TV from the Digital Dealership System offers dealers a variety of solutions to keep their brand in front of their customer lounge guests. Each customer lounge tv system is programmed specifically for each dealership and delivered ready to install.

Broadcast TV

Live TV with a marketing wrap allows customer lounge tv from Satellite and Cable providers to be wrapped in digital marketing messaging. The customer lounge tv with Live TV wrap including preloaded content and an online user interface for dealers to update the system from any computer. The customer lounge tv programming can be changed using the standard remote control. Any tv program can be watched and the marketing message can be updated at any time.

Commercial Replacement on Live TV

Customer Lounge TV options including the ability to replace commercials on live TV with video footage from the Digital Dealership System library or dealer provided. The system works on any channel while replacing outside commercials. Commercials are replaced with any video and unlimited videos can be added to the library. Block outside commercials with this amazing customer lounge tv option.


dds.TV Customer Lounge TV offers dealers amazing, fresh, engaging family-friendly, hand-curated entertainment content without outside advertising. dds.TV Customer Lounge TV is filled with Short-form content, with the average clip under 5-minutes means that programming will remain engaging and informative for every customer in the lounge. The online user interface provides dealers to update the marketing message at any time. dds.TV PLUS allows for switching between live TV and dds.TV content. Optionally add automatic service status updates.

TV w/ Appointment Status

Customer Lounge TV with appointment status automatically updates the customer lounge tv based on repair order status directly from the service CRM or DMS. The system works with dds.TV, dds.TV PLUS or Broadcast TV options for the customer lounge. Updates appointment status automatically alerting customer lounge tv guests without the need for service manager input. Customer Lounge TV options with appointment status keep customers' attention on the lounge tv to see dealer marketing messages and increase CSI

Customer Lounge TV from the Digital Dealership System allows car dealers to upgrade their customer lounge tv with several options including Broadcast Customer Lounge TV (Live TV with Wrap), Commercial replacement Lounge TV, and Customer Lounge dds.TV. Each system is custom designed for the dealership customer lounge experience. Broadcast Customer Lounge TV allows dealers to wrap Live tv broadcast signal with their own marketing including unlimited customer lounge tv promotions and tickers for sports, entertainment, service and sales specials. Commercial Replacement Customer Lounge TV allows dealers to supplement commercials in regular broadcasts with their own videos and commercials limiting competitors commercials and increasing dealer branding. Customer Lounge dds.TV allows dealerships to create their own customer lounge tv experience by using a mix of short-form content that is updated regularly, along with dealer footage and videos. Optional layouts include full-screen customer lounge dds.TV, split screen, or wide screen customer lounge dds.TV. DMS & Service CRM Appointment Integration Customer Lounge TV provides dealers the ability to automatically add service appointment updates to customer lounge tv when selecting broadcast tv or dds.TV customer lounge tv options.

Customer lounge tv for car dealers provides multiple options for dealership customer lounge tv including broadcast lounge tv, commercial replacement, commercial free tv, and dds.TV customer lounge tv.

Customer Lounge TV Features & Options

  • Online Management Software

    Update the system from any internet connected computer using intuitive and simple-to-use interface.

  • Dealership Specific Profile

    Customized layout created for each dealership and each sign creating a unique signage solution.

  • Quick-Start Setup

    Delivered plug-n-play, preconfigured and preloaded with dealer specific service content.

  • Custom Scene Builder

    Create custom, layered content using multiple images, videos and text with over 300 fonts and 256 colors.

  • Car Dealer Content Library

    Over 3000 images, logos, videos and coupons pre-loaded for simple customization and implementation.

  • Customized News Ticker

    Multiple RSS news feeds including entertainment & sports, as well as service and sales specials.

  • Broadcast TV w/ Marketing

    Wrap standard TV with dealer marketing, ads, testimonials, service coupons and appointment updates.

  • Commercial Replacement

    Replace commercials on Broadcast TV with Dealer videos and running footage of auto dealer marketing.

  • Create Your Own Dealer TV

    dds.TV includes over hours of hand-curated video content updated regularly, added to dealer marketing messages.

  • Appointment Board System

    Automatically update service appointment systems from DMS or Service CRM, including marketing messages.

  • Dare-to-Compare Service Sign

    Tell the story of the dealership with multiple digital dare-to-compare templates highlighting sales and services.

  • Weather Component

    Dynamic, Animated, Zip Code specific weather available to add to any digital sign or service menu.

  • XTIME Service Appointments

    Utilize the XTIME Service CRM greeter board to keep service customers up to date on service status.

  • Time-Highway Appointments

    Utilize the Time Highway Service CRM to keep service customers up to date on service status.

  • Dealer Socket Appointments

    Utilize the Dealer Socket Appointment Board to keep service customers up to date on service status.

  • YouTube Integration

    Licensed content from hundreds of sources keeps the service menu board and dealer signs interesting.

  • Twitter Integration

    Tweet to screen or pull twitter content from favorite sources and keep the car dealer digital sign interesting.

  • Instagram Integration

    Dynamically updated instagram pull from any account creates a dynamic service menu for auto dealers.

  • White-Glove Install

    Nationwide installation resources can deliver, setup configure and support DDS solutions on-site.

  • Full-Dealership Solution

    Complete dealership solution including service, customer lounge, showroom, managers, finance and kiosks.

  • DDS University Support

    Online customer support, forum, video tutorials and communication platform for customer training and support.

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