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Customer Service Solutions

Customer Service is a top priority at the Digital Dealership System. Our goal is not only to provide a complete solution, but also continue to educate and assist customers on how to utilize services offers. The more active customers are in utilizing and customizing the system to meet their own needs, the greater impact it will have on the dealership, customers and bottom line.

Press and News
The news section (LINK) features individual articles about features, installs, customers, and much more. Written monthly and updated only on the website, this is a great resource for review.

The Digital Dealership System staff coordinate efforts to create a monthly newsletter based on discussions with customers, software developments or company news. These newsletters are sent out to a large database of industry professionals across the world. Subscriptions can be managed at the link to the right and archives can be found here (LINK)

newsletter example

Customer Emails
Continuing the belief that knowledge is power, every month every customer is sent a specialized newsletter highlighting new developments in software or uses of the system. This brief newsletter gives an overview and references links to website pages and tutorials to help customers maximize the use of the Digital Dealership System. Please make sure that and are exclusions in your spam filters.

customer service email

Expansive Tutorials
With every new feature added comes documentation and a video tutorials. Our staff works diligently to review the trends in support requests and make videos for future reference of our customers. Tutorials can be viewed online using flash video technology here (LINK).

video tutorials

External System Monitoring
Our support team is on top of their game and on top of your system. When your system is offline, we get emailed and verify through secondary monitoring systems. So as not to disturb you with internet glitches, we monitor the system for 24 hours prior to contacting you. If the issue persists, we will email and call. Our protocol assumes that in today's car dealerships -- if we don't hear from you, then you are aware of the issue. We will continue to monitor the systems and reach out occasionally.

Support Email
Our email support allows issues to be answered quickly and logged appropriately. Please email using the form located here (LINK) or If a phone call is needed, please contact your representative and if they can't answer your question directly, they will find out the answer and get back to you as soon as possible.

Web-Screen-Share Training
New customer? New employees? Just ask and we will walk through all the features in your actual system, showing you best practices and sharing control in the software and answering your questions.
This is a FREE service for all customers to help you utilize the system to the fullest potential.

Four On the Floor Blog
The blog (LINK) offers a variety of general technology, business and Digital Dealership System insights from the Managing Director, Todd Katcher. The content is provided with a combination of fact and opinion and is often duplicated on such sites as Driving Sales (LINK) and Dealer Elite (LINK).

blog four on the floor



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