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EVOX Images Digital Sign Content

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Evox Images, provider of the highest quality andmost compelling auto imagery, has partnered with the Digital Dealership System to provide current model year images to use in Pro-Level Accounts utilizing the Custom-Scene Creator.

Adding Evox images allows customers to enhance signage and easily create/update specials from within the Digital Dealership System Software.

All Vehicles will be preloaded in the customer account and available to use in the system.

See the Press Release.

evox digital media cars

About Evox

Evox Images offers the only comprehensive library of high quality, standardized car stock imagery. We strive to make cars available as soon as they are released, providing the most cars and the most content on an unmatched delivery schedule.

In 2012 we introduced a breakthrough library of CG images that not only blow the lid off creative possibilities, but will expand our library to more than 2,000 cars per model year.

For those customers looking to enhance their website or marketing imagery beyond digital signage - Evox Images library includes more than ONE MILLION pictures of virtually all makes, models, and body styles since MY2000. The library includes powerful imagery for every car - Stills, 360s, Video, and CGI. 24/7/ access is now available at

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