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Monitor UPDATE
The Digital Dealership System has now been tested to work on 95% of television / monitors in the market today. In other words, if you want us to work with your current system or you want to pick up a TV at a local electronics store - it most likely will work with our system.

Minimum Requirements:
1280x720 or 1920x1080 resolution
HDMI or DVI input

For TV Integration, we will need to know how your Cable/Satellite current connects to your TV, either through COAX or HDMI.

If you are unsure of the resolution, please contact us.



Monitor Overview
Most of us have gone to electronics stores and have seen the same size television for different prices. While some of the “value” is in the name, some of the is in the quality of the screen and other features. In general there are Consumer, Business, Professional and Commercial Models.

The main difference will be the quality of the image vs. burn-in effect and lifespan of the monitor and electronics. If weight were a determination of quality, then a standard consumer monitor would weigh about 40lbs, a professional monitor would weight 60lbs, and a commercial monitor would weigh 80lbs.

While you are welcome to use current televisions in your dealership, performance will lesson over time, burn-in will start and the life of the television will decrease to around 1-2 years.

NEC, Samsung and LG are the industry leaders in high-performance digital displays and usually have specific areas of their websites and marketing specifically for this purpose. Please note that even in the Professional/Commercial categories, you will find various pricing, features and values.

Monitor Recommendations
Monitors purchased at your consumer stores will not have the capacity or longevity to handle the digital media applications for the time period necessary. They will have burn-in and will start to fail as soon as 6 months after installation for this application.

Although Plasma televisions are great for home use, they are not advised for digital media presentations due to burn-in, viewing angle, and lifespan. Stick with LED or LCD monitors.

Digital Tuners and Speakers are not needed for these systems.

Below we will provide you with links for research and recommendations. We are not responsible for the content on these sites, please use this as just a guide. Links go to You may find better pricing / shipping through other outlets. Please feel free to contact us for assistance.

NEC Display (LINK)
The P Series is the Gold Standard for practical digital media applications
The E Series offers high-performance at a low cost of entry

NEC LCD3210-BK-IT 32-Inch LCD Display

NEC P401 40IN Commercial Display

PN-E421 Entry-Level Commercial Display

Samsung (LINK)
Aggressive styling, competitive pricing and a variety of products

320MP-2 Commercial Display

40IN LCD 1920X1080 3000:1 400DX-2 VGA Dvi Black 8MS

Consumer oriented features in commercial grade systems

M3204CCBA 32" 1366 x 768 1600:1 LCD Digital Signage

M4210LCBA Digital Signage Display

Minimum Requirements
Each monitor, regardless of brand or other specifications needs the following:
1366x768 Resolution
DVI or HDMI input

Warranty and replacement process is another consideration as companies will treat commercial products much differently then consumer products. In most cases, regardless of where you purchased the monitor, the manufacturer will support the product and offer service for a longer period of time then consumer systems.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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