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The following are select testimonials from conversations and customer feedback regarding the
Digital Dealership System and Digital Signage in Dealerships.

I am blown away by the flexibility of the system as a whole. Most of the other providers that we spoke to had set plans with limited customization options.
- Cody, Ford


Our Customers want to see todays news, information and sports - not movie clips, infomercials or be informed of the advantages of car maintenance. Our goal is to provide a welcome environment in our lounge. The Digital Dealership System provides a softer sell with a balance of regular content that won't turn customers off.
- Tony, GMC


We've had several customers ask for a sales person and reference to the screen that's in our lounge. We definitely sold some cars off the screen.
-Richard, GM


Whenever we put up a daily special on the screens in our service bay and lounge, we well around twice as much of that service then we normally do. It's been a great asset to our bottom line and image of the facility.
- Mike, Chevy


Our current system was costly from both a monetary and maintenance standpoint. This system cut our costs and freed up time for our team to focus on sales, not updating a screen.
-Pat, Honda


Tweet to Screen is AWESOME! We use it for our appointments in Service and also in our Finance Lounge. It shows only the information we want -- while also providing customer entertainment and education.
-Jared, Kia


The ability to have a system customized on every level, from backgrounds to borders to layouts, help to brand the screen to meet the varying needs throughout the dealership.
-Bryce, Audi


We upgraded to the DDSConcierge and haven't looked back. Our screen gets updated monthly with sales, service and parts specials -- and any additional changes happen quickly. It's a time saver!
-Manny, Mazda


We have two screens in the service bay and within the few weeks after install we sold several multi-year oil agreements with the customer referencing the signs as motivation to purchase.
-Tammy, CDJR


We had ESPN playing on new TV's in our showroom. We wanted a way to monetize and brand our dealership while providing new car information and specials. This system did all of that and much more.
-Candy, Toyota


Our dealership believes in educating the customer on why our cars and dealership are different then the competitors. By adding video with audio, along with updated vehicle information, we enhanced our showroom experience for our customers and provided an educational tool as well.
-Carmine, Infiniti


Our service drive is very large, holding up to 10 cars. With 4 service writers... there could be some wait time. We installed multiple screens that show service specials, as well as new car information that's visible from all angles in the drive. The system was easy to install and we don't have to worry about maintaining it at all.
-Chris, Ford


By integrating the lounge TV with current advertising specials, new car information and branding, we provide more touch-points for our marketing. By utilizing a TV the customer is watching already means that they can't miss the message.
-David, Ford


We have had other systems and the clarity was definitely not on par with the Digital Dealership System. We can tell from the moment we saw it that colors popped and the image was High Definition.
-Jenny, Toyota


Our customers were complaining about the short segments and news clips of our old system. I get the idea, but the last thing I have time for is complaints about the TV. Now we have HD Live TV surrounded with marketing that customers can't miss. It serves both purposes and the complaints have stopped.
-Todd, BMW


We were going to create an in-house system with a slideshow, but for the cost, now our staff can focus on their job and the screen gets updated automatically.
-Nick, GM


There are so many things to catch your eye on the screen, it's hard to miss. If a customer doesn't like one part, they will venture to another. It seems to work because we've had several buying questions come up that we never got before we installed the system.
-Mike, Nissan


My staff doesn't have time to update the screen, learn new software, etc. This solution provides a way for information to be presented to our customers without taking staff time from their core job.
-Gene, Honda


I've looked at a variety of systems and this seems to be the most comprehensive. Offering more options then any competitor in a complete high definition package. One aspect I need to mention is that they aren't making money on the backend like some of the other players in the space are. That means they are working only for the dealership, not pushing video partners.
-Brian, Consultant


Customization was key to our use of any system. In addition to offering a variety of standard layouts, no system was set in stone and no system was just a plain slideshow. Each part seemed to move on it's own -- with different timers for each piece of content. It's worked really well for us.
-Greg, Lincoln


We've seen an increase in our add-ons for customers that come in looking for an oil change and then add on or upgrade the services while the car is being worked on. Our service sales have gone up 20% since installing the system several months ago.
-Zachary, Chevy


For the last few years, I've had a video running on screens in my sales offices. I spent so much time updating these slideshows monthly that I could've been doing anything else. This system provides a better solution with more updated information and I don't have to worry about updates -- it happens automatically.
Ash, Hyundai



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