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This recorded demonstration shows how the Digital Dealership System enhances the XTIME Greeter Board with a digital media solution adding dealer specific branding, marketing and a communication tool that is easily updated and customized. You can see a live version of the system here.

The XTIME Greeter Board provides a way for customers to know who is working on their car, status and other relevant information. In the dealership, customers are constantly looking at this information to know when the work on their car has started and when it will be completed - the is a great opportunity to digitally market to existing customers.

Each system is customized specifically for the customers need and pre-programmed and pre-loaded with content prior to shipment. This makes the Digital Dealership System easy to integrate into the dealership with simple plug-n-play. From multiple news feeds to colors, branding and weather - each system is as unique as your store.

Read more about XTIME and the Digital Dealership System here

Digital Signage as unique as your dealership!

*Please note that for the demo, the information has to be downloaded for the first time. In the dealership, this delay will not occur.


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